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Gentl MAN 50ML

Gentl man consists only high quality ingredients with the most directly active substances.

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Why Gentl

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Mens health
Voetbal International

Our idea...

We got our idea for a ball cream on the beaches of Noordwijk in the Netherlands. It was a summer afternoon, and a combination of Corona, Kitesurfing, salty water, itchiness and clearly some shaved balls, caused some really nice conversations ;-).

Hank Snel couldn’t drop the idea of ‘why is there no care for men’ and asked me what my woman opinion was on the subject. We dove into it together. After two years of research, interviews, development, testing, improving and more testing our product is a fact. Worldwide the first Intimate Care for men. With proud a great product.

We wish you all the pleasure of smearing. With the gentlest regards of the woman behind this team of Gentl man, Viviane handtekening gentl

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  • Caring

    Gentl man soothes and nourishes the vulnerable skin of the pubic area. The cream is dermatological tested and suitable for the most sensitive skin.

  • Cooling

    Gentl man purifies and cools the skin. It restores damaged skin, and reduces redness, itchiness and irritation. With regular use it inhibits hair growth.

  • Comfort

    Gent man provides a dry, fresh and secure feeling. The skin remains soft even with friction. There are no sexual limitations hence the taste and scent are pleasant.

Gentl MAN 50ML

Subtotal  14,95

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